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2021 Market Forecast

Usually when people say it’s a great time to buy and sell, it’s just a sales pitch. But these are unique times!

Why It’s a Great Time to Buy!

If you haven’t heard, mortgage rates are extremely low and are looking to stay that way for 2021. The benefit of a low mortgage rate, and savings in interest, can absolutely outweigh the increase of real estate prices in 2021. So let’s start looking for your dream home now!

Why It’s a Great Time to Sell!

It is no surprise the demand is high to own a home on Long Island and the supply is low. New York real estate prices have increased by 5.1% in the past year and are expected to go up in the next 12 months to about 7.6%. As a result, the New York real estate market for 2021 is likely to remain a seller’s market. Let’s get your house listed today!


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