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Tips for Lawn Care and Conserving Water

Summer is here and we’d love to keep our lawns as beautiful as possible! This means lots of love, care—and plenty of water! Here are some quick tips on how to care for your lawn efficiently without being wasteful with your water usage.

Feed your lawn regularly.

Feeding your lawn reduces weed growth and provides the right amount of nutrients to sustain a drought. Additionally, a well-fed lawn develops a deep, strong root system which retains more water, meaning less watering.

Leave the grass clippings.

Next time you mow your lawn, skip bagging the clippings. When the clippings break down they put beneficial nutrients back into the soil. Just be mindful not to leave too much behind so you won’t smother the live grass.

Just let it rain!

Normal rainfall usually provides enough water to help grass survive and thrive. Your lawn really only needs extra water if it starts turning a dull green color. If you do feel additional watering is necessary, think about installing a smart watering device that tracks local weather and soil data and only waters the lawn when needed.


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