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Do You Know These Popular Long Island House Styles?

Are you ready to purchase a new home? Let’s check out some popular Long Island style homes to figure out which house is best for you!


The main features of Ranch-style homes are their single-story frame and open floor plan. Ranches typically have high ceilings and are perfect for buyers who are looking for a lot of space and avoiding going up and down stairs. Ranch style homes are generally rectangular, but are also often “L” or “U” shaped.

High Ranch

The High Ranch has an entry with steps leading both upstairs and downstairs. The upper level is the main living area with a kitchen, dining room, bedrooms and bath. The lower level consists of a den, bathroom, additional bedroom and door to the backyard. High Ranches are great for mother-daughter homes if you want to live close to family.


Colonials are rectangular, symmetrical, and simple. They usually have a centered front door with the same number of windows on each side. The first floor usually holds a kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom, with two to three bedrooms and an additional bathroom upstairs.


Capes, or Cape Cods, are simplistic New England style homes with a lot of curb appeal. Modeled after cottages, Capes stay modest with more of a closed floor plan and a signature chimney. Capes tend to have steep roofs with A-line ceilings on the second floor. These houses make great starter homes for first time home buyers.

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