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How to Keep Those Pesky Raccoons Out of the Trash!

Are those cute, sneaky bandits eating away at your garbage again? Follow these quick, easy tricks to keep them from creating a mess in the driveway!

Take Trash Out in the Morning.

Raccoons come out at night and if there is no trash to get into, there will be nothing to motivate them to wreak havoc on your garbage cans.

Clean Trash Cans Regularly.

Removing leftover garbage and disinfecting trash cans regularly helps minimize food odors that attract raccoons. Spraying non-toxic animal repellent on your garbage cans always helps as well.

Use Garbage Bins.

Be sure to keep trash bags in a garbage bin, and for added protection put a weight on top of the lid. Raccoons are intelligent and are capable of opening up a lid if not completely weighted down. Don’t give them any leeway!

Keep Trash Areas Illuminated.

Those trash pandas love to attack at night and prefer dark places. Keeping trash in a well-lit area or using a motion sensor light will help keep them away.


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