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Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Winter is in full swing, are you checking up on your house? Here are a few tips to help maintain your home during the cold winter months:

Inspect Your Roof

It’s essential to check your roof for damage, especially after a winter storm. Fix the damage now. Waiting can potentially cause more damage which means more money out of your pocket.

Check Your Gutters for Ice Dams

While icicles are pretty to look at, unchecked they can cause serious damage such as broken gutters and shingles breaking off your house.

Stay on Top of the Dust

Windows are closed during the winter months which means less air circulation. Remember to stay on top of your vacuuming, hit your ceiling fans with a duster and give your bathroom exhaust fans a nice clean down. Removing dust will not only make your home look cleaner, you will also feel healthier!

Snake Your Pipes

Snake those tub, sink and shower drains to help prevent blockage! Clogged drains and pipes may start as minor issues but can quickly escalate into major problems. No one wants slow water drainage, corrosion and flooding, especially during this time of year.


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